Research indicates that high-quality customer service is integral to business success. A majority of consumers express willingness to pay higher prices to companies that offer exceptional customer service. If you take good care of your customers, you will ensure their loyalty to your business, but if you ignore the quality of your customer service, you will lose business and negatively affect your reputation. Here are some tips on how you can use customer service feedback to boost your company’s success and growth.

The Value of Customer Feedback

Surveys are an effective method of obtaining customer service feedback. Through surveys, you can assess whether people who purchase your products or services are satisfied or dissatisfied. You can obtain ideas on how to improve the experiences of your customers and what new products and services you can effectively introduce into the marketplace. Surveys are also relatively inexpensive to implement; you can present them digitally on your company’s Facebook page or website, send them out via email, conduct them by phone, or have them available on paper at your physical locations.

Tips for Effective Surveys

Because customers are often reluctant to take the time to fill out surveys, it is important to keep them as short and simple as possible. Only ask essential questions, and consider offering incentives such as drawings for prizes or discounts for customers who complete them. Multiple choice questions enable customers to answer quickly, and a few open-ended questions allow them to answer in more depth.

Following Up on Surveys

When you receive negative responses in your surveys, you must follow up on them right away. Attempt to communicate directly with dissatisfied customers. Accept their criticisms, address their complaints, and express willingness to work on improving the issues they bring up. When you demonstrate that you are empathetic about their concerns, you will more likely retain their business.

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