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Commercial Space: Should You Purchase or Lease?

Although there are varying benefits to leasing or buying commercial space in real estate, there’s one thing that matters irrespective of the choice you make: location. After all, what sense...... Read More

How Freight Factoring Works

Freight factoring isn’t fundamentally different from any business that employs their accounts receivable to maintain (or improve) their cash flow. With it, you can make sure your business doesn’t suffer...... Read More

How Are Rental Properties Taxed?

In the realm of government and business, there are few things more complicated than the tax code. Its ramifications are pervasive, and often determine what type of business you set...... Read More

Popular Rehab Loan Options for Real Estate Investors

The rehab loan exists almost exclusively as a means of making short-term investments. Such as renovations to a property you wish to sell. You use the loan to quickly purchase...... Read More