Fix and Flip Financing

Your Fix and Flip Financing Solutions

Fix-and-flip is a unique business model. Commercial financing must keep pace to provide sound solutions and help such projects succeed. Whether you’re running one project or 400, Progressive Capital Funding’s fix and flip financing can help you get the job done. With multiple options and favorable terms, our loans and credit lines can help you stay on track.

Our Fix and Flip Credit Lines

We offer credit lines for fix-and-flip clients that run a lot of projects at once. With low fixed interest rates and terms of up to 24 months, these lines of credit make it easier to fund your efforts. They also come with rapid closings of 18 days or less, plus no early payoff penalties. Apply now and enjoy several benefits upon approval:

  • Purchase financing of up to 90%
  • Renovation financing of up to 95%
  • Between $100,000 and $5 million credit limits
  • Available for 1 to 500 properties

Single Project Fix and Flip Loans

For our single-project clients, we offer loans with exceptional terms and fast closing between 10 to 17 days. They also come with terms of up to 24 months and no pre-payment penalties. Loans range between $60,000 and $10 million. We provide up to 85% financing for purchases and up to 100% financing for renovation projects.

Ready to get started? Progressive Capital Funding wants to help your business grow. Talk to our specialists today about our fix and flip financing.

fix and flip financing
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