Equipment Financing

Build a Better Business With Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is an excellent investment for companies that are concerned with affording the machinery they need to operate successfully. Progressive Capital Funding offers both equipment leasing and financing loans to help businesses of all types and sizes afford equipment without using all of the cash they have on hand.

Programs We Offer

We understand that every company is different and has its own individual needs when it comes to equipment. To accommodate these needs, we offer the following four programs.

  • Sale and lease-back programs: We allow you to lease the equipment you need until you can afford to pay for it in full.
  • Government and municipal programs: We guarantee public entities receive the financing they need.
  • B, C and D programs: Companies with poor credit histories can obtain equipment financing.
  • Startup programs: We finance new companies with limited credit histories so they can obtain equipment.

Benefits of Financing Equipment

Progressive Capital Funding offers loan amounts of up to $500,000 and allow you to use the funds for any type of equipment. You are not required to show a financial statement for applications under $150,000, and we require little to no collateral for any of our equipment loans.

Reasons To Lease Equipment

Leasing the equipment you need allows you to preserve the cash you have on hand so you can grow your business in other ways. You will qualify for significant tax advantages and be free to use the equipment in any way you deem fit without having the responsibility of maintaining or repairing it. You may upgrade your equipment at any time so you never have to worry about equipment obsolescence.

Contact Us Today

Progressive Capital Funding strives to provide all types of companies with the financing they need to obtain equipment. We offer both equipment leasing and financing to cater to various needs, so contact us today to discuss your options.

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