A dynamic employee benefits package improves your recruitment and retention numbers. People want to feel appreciated by their employers. Your benefits program is a great start. Successful packages don’t have to cost a lot of money. These programs are inexpensive and easy to implement.

Financial Training

Go beyond your 401k and holiday savings accounts. Offer financial skills training. The classes help your employees become more financially savvy. In addition to money management classes, offer seminars in time management, gardening, or first aid. These courses show your team that you care about more than their work performance.

Flexible Work Schedules

Over a third of workers experienced burnout in the last year. A simple way to reduce employee stress is to offer flexible work options. Team members take advantage of an alternative work schedule to make doctor appointments and participate in self-care.

Streaming Services

Movie and music streaming services are a popular way to relax. Create a corporate streaming services account for employees. Similar benefits include:

  • Library memberships
  • Museum or zoo memberships
  • Mindfulness online subscriptions
  • Dry cleaning gift cards

Birthday Celebrations

Everyone likes to celebrate their birthday. Get a list of employee birthdays, and put someone in charge of ordering dessert. Have the team sign a birthday card. Place decorations on or around their work area. Take the celebration a step further by giving them a day off on or near their birthday.

Promotional Items

Branded promotional items are inexpensive and boost employee morale. Team members enjoy receiving apparel. You can also show your commitment to the environment by giving customized water bottles. Other promotional ideas include:

  • Power banks
  • Laptop bags
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Compact speakers

Company Car

Let team members take home their company vehicle. You can also give fuel gift cards to each team member. They appreciate saving money on vehicle expenses every week.

Car Washes

Car wash packages make a great incentive gift. They are appreciated in Spring when road salt damages their vehicle’s undercarriage. Add fun to the program by having the management team detail employee vehicles.

Local Discounts

Partner with local small businesses to offer a discount package for employees of all organizations. These help support the local community. Create new-employee gift bags containing information about the local community, swag, and gift certificates.

Breakfast Buffet

Stock the refrigerator and cabinets with grab-and-go breakfast snacks. Team members enjoy a quick breakfast as they start their morning. Oatmeal, trail mix, fresh fruit, and bottled smoothies all make great breakfast options. Don’t forget the coffee.

Employee benefits programs are critical to your employee morale and corporate culture. With planning and creativity, you can build a system to reward your team members for their service.