With a seemingly endless amount of tasks to be performed, entrepreneurs are acutely aware of the value of time. However, often the problem is not how much time is available, but rather how you make use of the time you have. Here are some tips on time management that can help you use your time more efficiently.

Start Strongly

Successful entrepreneurs often wake up earlier and get more done in the first hours of the day. This includes a pre-work morning routine of exercise, personal hygiene, reading, meditation, or whatever else inspires and uplifts you. Once these essentials are accomplished, you are ready to dive into your work.

Prioritize Tasks

If you are a morning person, you will do the most essential tasks early, whereas if you do your best work at night, you’ll schedule the most daunting tasks to coincide with your internal clock. Either way, it is essential to write down a list of what you have to do in order of priority. You’ll never find time to do everything, but at least you can accomplish what is essential. The 80/20 rule, which posits that 20 percent of activities will give you 80 percent of your results, is a useful guideline here.

Impose Deadlines

Self-imposed deadlines are an integral facet of time management for entrepreneurs. No one else will push you to get things done, so you have to get in the habit of pushing yourself.

Get Things Done Now

When you see tasks that need to be done, do them now. Avoid the urge to delay by taking a break, checking social media, or other stalling tactics. Block out time on your calendar for performing important tasks, meetings, breaks, meals, and anything else you need to do, and stick to your schedule.

Analyze Your Time Use

Find out how you are really spending your time by meticulously tracking what you do, minute by minute, for a month. This will allow you to find out how much time you waste and help you figure out how to spend it more efficiently.

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