Becoming a great leader in business and in life requires putting in the hard work and effort to achieve that greatness. While some are born with the natural tendency to lead, others must work to refine and perfect their roles to truly stand out. If you’ve suddenly been placed in a leadership position and you’re having doubts about your ability to lead going forward, here are some key qualities to focus on that will boost your productivity and improve your confidence in no time. 

Be Direct and Ask For Constructive Feedback

Many people placed in positions of power could use the helpful feedback and constructive critcism offered by their colleagues. However, once the power dynamics have shifted, those not in charge may feel too intimidated or shy to reach out and speak their mind. Be direct and ask your fellow coworkers what they think of your leadership so far, but give them the space to feel comfortable to do so. The fear of reprimand or losing one’s job can be strong, so you have to provide a safe and open-minded environment that allows your team to share their opinions and critiques without fear. 

Be Sure To Keep a Clean House

This concept of staying clean and organized can apply to many areas of your life as a leader. To start, you should take better consideration of the way you dress in order to present a good influence to your employees. Meanwhile, you should focus on maintaining a neat and tidy office space, as this will help you feel more mentally balanced and in control as you power through your daily responsibilities. Finally, you and your team need to enforce a refined structure in your workplace, one that keeps everyone productive and on-task day by day.

Be Mindful of Your Self-Improvement

Receiving positive and negative feedback from others can be highly useful for making progress as a leader, but you also have to be willing to take on personal growth yourself. Reach out to mentors in your field that could offer proper guidance and support, all while helping you to problem-solve your current issues with their own wisdom and past experience. Master your self-development by reading business-minded or motivational books that keep you both informed and inspired to charge ahead in your new position. Keeping your head high and constantly learning as you go is essential for growing strong as both a leader and an individual.

Once you’ve begun to focus on these key areas in your life and career, you’re bound to excel in your new leadership position.