Business productivity is essential for entrepreneurs and business people. Profits increase when work productivity increases. However, many fail to raise productivity because they aren’t familiar with the technology they need. There are mobile apps to assist with communication, simplifying repetitive tasks, help effectively manage time, document sharing, and more. Boost your team’s productivity with these apps.


Note taking is something everyone must do because it serves as a reminder for important tasks. Evernote is a solution providing a way to create and save a variety of file types. There is also the ability to make voice reminders, and record business meetings with the apps. Business productivity is as simple as putting the app on your phone.


DocuSign increases business productivity by allowing the signing of documents to be simplified. Contracts and agreements can be uploaded to sign virtually with an email sent to the intended party so they can click a link to sign the document. A variety of professionals can save time and work more efficiently using DocuSign.


Business productivity can be increased using this video conferencing tool that allows over 25 people to attend virtually. It is often praised higher than Skype for its ease of use. You can connect to your team anywhere they have access to wifi.


This mobile app uses the camera on your smartphone to increase business productivity. OCR technology allows text to be taken from documents and made editable in emails. It allows you to crop out unwanted backgrounds that might accidentally enter the picture.


Collaboration is required when there is more than one person involved in a business and Basecamp makes this possible. Business productivity is increased through the ability of team members to share various aspects of projects.


Business productivity is increased by the ability to manage multiple social media accounts at once with this app. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are just a few that the app allows you to manage.

As you can see, there is a multitude of apps to assist in increasing business productivity that fit into even the smallest budget.